Accounting Management

A qualified team of our accountants is prepared to make double or simple bookkeeping, depending on what form of accounting is obligatory for You as a client. There is also the possibility of keeping tax records.

We use a modern software Eurofib for keeping our accounts, which allows us to enter into books and report the required data according to the individual needs of our clients. At the same time, we are ready to do the accounting in the software that our client requires. Moreover we also carry out the book-keeping in the GINIS software which is a widely spread information system in public administration.

Our accounting services can be provided in the form of permanent support from our accountant department or e.g. only through ongoing consultations and checks. At a time of increased demands on the volume of work or expertise of Your accountant, we can offer You our regular assistance. We will also help You cope with potential crisis situations when Your accountant is suddenly ill. With our help You can also ensure the temporary missing substitutability in Your accounting team.

With us You will be able to meet Your legal obligations properly and in time.

We offer within our accounting management services:

  • Double-entry bookkeeping, simple accounting, tax records;
  • Processing the VAT return;
  • Preparation of closing of accounts;
  • Ongoing consultations in the area of accounting;
  • Assistance during audit, inspection, preparation of documents or negotiation with an auditor;
  • Preparation of internal directives;
  • Revision of current internal directives;
  • Mapping of processes in the accounting department with regard to optimizing internal processes;
  • Elaboration of methodology description for the accounting departmenty;
  • Preparation of reporting according to the client's needs (IFRS, US GAAP, HB II);
  • Processing of reporting according to the client's needs (IFRS, US GAAP, HB II);
  • Processing of statistical statements and other statements according to Your need.

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Our Services

We further provide services for Housing Associations and Owners Associations, services connected with company management and accounting software EuroFib.






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