Other Consultancy Services

We provide various consultancy services.

Transformations of Companies

Our team of experts is ready to offer You consultancy services in the field of company transformation.

Due Diligence

Each acquisition requires a thorough knowledge of the purchase subject. We will help You identify any financial and tax risks that may arise in the future in connection with the realized acquisition.

Enterprise Appraisal

Appraisal experts are ready to assist You with the Your requirements.

Labour Law and Economic Consultancy

Our experts will help You deal with the matters in this field with regard to valid legislation and jurisdiction in given area.

Help with Hiring Expert Employees

Are You looking for an employee to Your team to a job where tax and accounting knowledge is required? We will help You in selecting a suitable candidate. In case of Your interest, we are able to find, test and train the new employee.

Haven't You found what You are looking for?

Are You looking for anything specific from the area of wages, accounting, taxes, corporate representation, etc. and You haven't found it here? We can still provide You with support, contact us and it will be our pleasure to help You. Call (+420) 251 555 148, or contact us.

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Our Services

We further provide services for Housing Associations and Owners Associations, services connected with company management and accounting software EuroFib.






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